Posted on 04/27/2017
EOC testing will be administered next week, both Franklin High School campuses will be on a revised bell schedule on those dates. THERE IS NO DELAYED OPENING, so all students will either test or have class. Lunch for all students will be at the regular time from 11:50am to 12:35pm. Testers should be reminded that cell phones, smart watches and other electronic devices are not allowed in the testing environment. 

Please check the wall lists in the main foyers on both campuses to see if you are testing.

Monday May 1st is the Biology EOC; Period 1 will meet in the morning and Period 3 in the afternoon.
Tuesday May 2nd is the U.S. History EOC; Period 5 will meet in the morning and Period 7 in the afternoon.
Wednesday May 3rd is the Algebra 1 EOC; Period 2 will meet in the morning and Period 4 in the afternoon.

Students you are encouraged to eat a hearty breakfast. Please note that if are testing when it is lunch time you have two options, bring a sack lunch from home or you will be escorted to the cafeteria where you will be charged for food. Please plan accordingly.