Webb, Marlee


Welcome to Franklin High School U.S. History/World History
                                                 Ms. Webb

Welcome to Franklin High School U.S. History! U.S. History is a very comprehensive subject and it is our task to ensure that we are prepared to present materials in a way that will assist you in successfully understanding the studies.  Your task is to complete your assignments when given to you.  The below listed syllabus will assist you in this class.  Once it is signed, it should be kept in your notebooks. 

1.The Grade Scale: The entire semester grade will be the average of both 9 week grading periods and 90% of the total grades.  The Semester Exam will constitute 10% of the entire semester grade. Grading breakdown is as follows:
    A- 90 to 100        D- 70 to 74         Assessments -40%
    B- 80 to 89         F -below 70         Course Work-30%
    C- 75 to 79                                   Misc.-20%
**Subject to change depending on C.I.T approval
2.Supplies: Students are required to maintain a 5 subject spiral notebook to keep previews, notes and assignments.  Students will also need notebook paper and glue sticks. Students are expected to have their notebooks with them everyday.  Many daily grades will come from the notebooks and notebooks will be checked/graded periodically.  An overall grade will be given to the notebook at the end of each grading period.  Students should also always be prepared with a pen/pencil and markers.

3.Assessments: 40% of students' total grade will be exams, notebooks, or projects. They will cover any material from the textbook, lectures, videos or even guest speakers.

4.Course Work Grades: Course work grades are 30% of a student's grade and include any classwork and or homework assigned.  Quizzes count as a course work and can be unannounced.  When time permits, students will be allowed some class time to begin any homework assigned. When time is given to students, they will work on classwork/homework for this class only.  No other task will be done until their own work is complete.  If work is late, 10 points will be deducted per day late.  If a student does not present work on the second class day, work may not be accepted and a zero will be given.  Homework is due at the beginning of class. 

5.Group Work: Several times during the year, students may be placed into a group/partner for assignments.  Students' grade will be based upon what your group accomplishes.  Groups that work together, share the work and compromise when needed are usually very successful. 

6.Substitutes: If for any reason a substitute is required to be in class, students are responsible for any worked assigned during the teachers absence.  If a student is present but no work is received from that student, it will result in a zero for the given assignment. 

7.Participation: For a class to succeed, it requires participation from all students.  Students' daily participation is expected.  This may also be based upon participation in group work, presentations, conga lines, and being prepared for class. 'Exit Slips' are also considered part of students participation grade.  This is usually a single question that students are required to answer and turn in before they leave the classroom.  Students may lose participation points based on their behavior in class.  It is difficult to participate successfully in class if students are distracted by inappropriate behavior.

8.Absences: For students to be successful, they must be in class.  Students will be given one extra day to complete missed assignments in correlation to the amount of time the student was absent from class.  The Franklin High School Absence Policy will be followed in terms of obtaining credit for this class. The Absence Policy can be found in the Student Handbook

9.Emergencies: Parents may contact us anytime they have a question concerning their child's grades, or if they have a question or concern about materials covered.  If students encounter problems or emergencies, you may contact me and the school at the number/email provided below.

10.Videos: All videos shown in class will be school/district purchased, approved, and maintained.  Movies that have no educational value, or that do not relate to specific curriculum being taught will not be shown in class.  No videos will be shown that are brought in from an outside source.

11. Miscellaneous: 20% of students grade.  Will include but not limited to- IOC terms and names, thinking maps, each one-teach one, and other tasks assigned.

Contact Information: School Phone: 236-2200
Marlee Webb-email- mjwebb@episd.org    
Conference- 3rd period   


This portion of the syllabus will be turned into to the teacher, and the student will keep the rest of the syllabus in their notebooks

The signatures on this form indicate that the parent/guardian and student are aware of class requirements, rules, grading policies and teacher contact information.

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