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Ryan Warner

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Dear Parents/Guardian,

I am so pleased to welcome you and your child to Franklin High School for the 2014-2015 school year. In partnership with you, I am committed to help, nurture, and teach your child to become a lifetime learner.Guiding your child through the learning process is the greatest reward that I can give. I have the highest expectation for each and every child in class to reach the highest potential that each possesses. In addition, I have high expectations for appropriate behavior in and outside the classroom. A positive environment  will facilitate high standards for teaching and learning. I will be in contact with you regarding your child's progress in my class. I would like to recommend that your child get an assignment or agenda notebook. It is an excellent method to keep track of assignments in all classes

Contact information:


1st period: U.S History
2nd period: U.S History
3rd period: Conference
4th period: Major sports (Football)
5th period: U.S History
6th period: U.S History
7th period: Send In
8th period: Major Sports (Football)