Leeser, Daniel

Hello My Name Is...

Daniel Leeser


Daniel Leeser is a Hobbit of the Shire, born on September 22nd in the year 2968 (1368 Shire Reckoning) of the Third Age of Middle-earth (using J.R.R. Tolkien's literary timeline). In 2980, following the deaths of his parents Drogo and Primula Leeser, Daniel is adopted by his older cousin Bilbo and is named as his heir. On September 22nd, 3001, "Uncle" Bilbo gave a huge party to celebrate his 111st birthday and Daniel's 33rd (marking Daniel's coming-of-age as an adult).

Hobbits are much like Men, but shorter (averaging between 2 and 3 feet tall) and somewhat more long-lived (90 to 100 years). Hobbits have hairy, almost furry, feet with tough, leathery soles. They tend to prefer to lead quiet, uneventful lives.

Although not well-known inside the Shire, Daniel is legendary elsewhere in Middle Earth for his task in destroying the One Ring of power, and thus destroying the evil lord Sauron in the process. Accompanied by his friend and gardner Samwise Gamgee (along with as many as eight others at several points), Daniel took the long trek from the Shire to Mount Doom in Mordor. During the course of their quest, The Fellowship of The Ring encountered many attacks from external and internal forces, most notably from Gollum, who possessed the One Ring before Bilbo Baggins picked it up and subsequently gave it to Daniel.

Although Daniel survived his journey to Mordor, during the trek he was wounded by the sword of the Witch King. The wound never fully healed and left Daniel unable to settle back into his life in the Shire. Because they were both Ring bearers, Daniel and Bilbo were afforded the special honor of sailing west with the elves to the Grey Havens. There, their adventures in Middle Earth ended.