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About Me

My name is Bruce Kilbourne.  I am a Social Studies teacher at Franklin High School.  I received my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Texas Tech University.  In addition, I received my Master of Arts degrees in American History and in Education from the University of Texas at El Paso.  Currently, I am in my twenty second year as a educator.  As a teacher I have an open door policy, so please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you have regarding your child.

Class Schedule/Fall 2015

Purple Day

Period 1 - Economics 
Period 2 - Conference
Period 3 Dual Credit US History
Period 4 - Dual Credit US History

Silver Day
Period 5 - Economics
Period 6 - Economics
Period 7 - Conference
Period 8 - Economics

1.  Be in the classroom when the tardy bell rings.
2.  Come to class prepared with notebook, textbook, and pen or pencil.
3.  Be polite and respectful toward others.
4.  Obey all school and class rules - that includes but is not limited to following the dress code, no cell phone or Ipods, and no food or drink in the classroom.

First time:  Warning
Second time:  Parent-Teacher conference
Third time:  Disciplinary Referral to Office

Grading Policy
Assessments = 50%
Coursework = 30%
Miscellaneous = 20%

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