Bowers, Ray

Mr. Raymund Bowers - Franklin High School

900 N. Resler
El Paso, Texas     79912
(915) 236-2200

If you would like to contact me, please use the districts parent portal
2014 Fall Semester Schedule

Purple Days
8:45-10:10      -- 1st period - US History    
10:17-11:45    -- 2nd period - US History
11:45-12:40    -- Lunch
12:45-2:15      -- 3rd period - Conference
2:22-3:45        -- 4th period - Football

Silver Days
8:45-10:10      -- 5th period - Send In
10:17-11:45    -- 6th period - World History
11:45-12:40    -- Lunch
12:45-2:15      -- 7th period - Alternative
2:22-3:45        -- 8th period - Football

General Classroom Rules and Policies

I.                     Required Materials 
     1.        Issued – Text Book (covered at all times)
     2.        Student’s Responsibility – Three Ring Binder, 5 Dividers, Pencil/Pen

II.                   Classroom Policy
     1.     Follow the “Student Code of Conduct” and other general school rules
     2.     Always demonstrate the following characteristics

III.                 Disciplinary Options
    1.        Verbal warning
     2.        Student Conference
     3.        Change seat assignment
     4.        Parent Conference
     5.        Referral

IV.                Absences
A student who misses a class (for any reason) must make up all work.  It is the student’s responsibility to find out what was missed and/or to set up a time to make up work.  The student will have the same amount of days to make up the missed work as the number of days absent.

V.                  Tardies
A student is tardy if he/she is not in the room when the bell finishes ringing.  If the tardy is excused, the  student must bring a signed pass.  3 Tardies disqualifies you from testing exemptions.

VI.                Grades
50% Assessments – 1)   Notebook (must be divided into the following categories)
         A.        Notes – daily work
         B.        Vocabulary 
         C.        Activities (homework, dittos, etc)
         D.        Writing assignments 
         E.        Test
                                            2)  Tests
                                            3)  Projects
30% Homework – All Homework and Activity assignments
20% Classwork – Class work (Notes) and Writing assignments 

VII.              Extra Credit
Two chances for extra credit is always available.
1.        Tutoring (any subject before or after school) – 5 points for 30 minutes; AP students - 3 points for 30 minutes (Max of 100 points on tests and 100 points on classwork/homework per 9 weeks)
2.        Any type of extra work (poster, report, drawing, timeline, etc.) – amount of credit depends on the amount and quality of work.

VIII.            Tutoring
Tutoring is available to any student.  Tutoring can be used to help further understand information, gain help on an assignment, do make up work, or do extra credit work.  Tutoring teachers, time, place will be posted as I receive the information.  I have tutoring before school in room W211 on Purple Days.

IX.                Basic Daily Expectations
1.        Beginning of Class – All students will take their seats upon entering the classroom, write down the first daily objective and language objective into the notebook and do the daily warm-up activity.
2.        Interruptions – If it relates to the topic, wait till the person speaking is finished and then add you question or comment.  Class discussions on the topic are always welcomed.  If the interruption does not relate to the topic (i.e. asking for a pencil/pen, paper, go to the restroom, etc.), raise your hand and wait to be called on.
3.        Passes – All passes are for emergencies only.  
4.        End of Class – You are not excused when the bell rings.  The teacher will excuse the class after the activity is finish, last information is given, and/or the room is straightened