Blanco, Gabriel


         Mr. Blanco


      World History

Objective: Students will learn about early civilizations that shaped our world. Students will examine key events in world history and investigate there impact. Students will practice and prepare to pass the end of course exam.

Important documents: Each student was given a class contract that listed expectations, materials, grades and class rules. These contracts were to have been signed by both student and parent. These contracts should be found in their interactive notebooks. Interactive notebooks should also contain a class calendar with a scope and sequence of class topics/lessons. Daily headers are kept each day in the students notebooks that record objectives and upcoming deadlines.

Communication:Parents and students, please feel free to e-mail me or call me if help or concerns arise.

Welcome to Mr. Blanco's World History class at Franklin High School. My main goal for your son or daughter in my class is to actively engage them in the historic events, cultures and peoples that have shaped our world.