Ms. Davis


Hello and Welcome to Ms. Davis' class, I look forward to a wonderful year. All information my classes can be found by accessing my class website. Your student has this information as to maintain a private website. On the website you can find my classroom policies, calendar, and general information for the class. Parent portal will give you access to your child's grade and inform you of their progress.  Thank you.

Welcome Cougars !! You will learn chemistry through a variety of activities in an orderly, work-oriented environment. You will become prepared for college by working hard and dedicating time to this class.  


I expect each student to succeed.  Students  you have complete control over your academic success. If you need additional help, you need to be proactive in asking me. I will help you succeed in any way I can. This is your education; it is up to you to make it what you want it to be. I expect each student to work hard at all times in the classroom. I expect you to manage your own behavior and accept responsibility for the consequences of negative behavior


Parents you must have a parent portal account. This is your way of keeping up with your child’s progress. Please use parent portal prior to contacting me. Most questions can be answered by logging in and checking the grades ("NHI" is not handed in resulting in a zero).  Please refer to my classroom policies for additional information as well to prevent  contacting me about a classroom procedure or policy. Thank you and I look forward to a wonderful and successful year.