Lee-Lopez, Shala


High School
 9th Grade Center
825 E Redd Rd.
El Paso, TX 79912


Teacher PLC and Conference Time 
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Purple 1st period- 8:45 until 10:13 (PLC Meetings)
Silver 8th period- 2:17 until 3:45

Welcome to Biology 2016-2017

Welcome to an exciting year of biological discovery! Biology is a course designed to prepare students to take the Texas Biology STAAR.  We will cover the scientific method, biochemistry, cells, DNA, genetics, evolution, classification, ecology, plants and body systems.  Your student should be working on Biology every night—whether or not there is an assignment due—by studying, reading, reviewing and thinking about what we are discussing.  Please help and encourage them to do so.


We will use www.schoology.com as part of our blended classroom.  Blended learning is a strategic integration of in-person and virtual learning.  Your student will have a personalized login for this learning platform.  Please view all class information, syllabus, and safety contract materials. 


Students will need a computer with internet access to do the online biology assignments. The district’s PowerUp initiative has provided students the opportunity to have access to HP Stream computers to use at home.  Lack of internet access at home is not an excuse for failing to do homework.  Lists of free Wi-Fi locations are available on the EPISD website.   PC is recommended over Apple products, many of the virtual labs and simulations do not work with Apple products.


Parents need to monitor parent portal to keep updated on the grades for the class.   I suggest that you set the notifications to email you when your student has a low grade.   Students will receive a progress report containing his/her course grades every 3 weeks.  It is the student’s responsibility to show the progress report to their parents.   If you have any questions, please email me and I will respond as soon as possible.  I do not check school emails outside of school hours.  My email is sdleelop@episd.org.   We do not have telephones in our rooms.




Shala Lee-Lopez

Biology Teacher

Franklin 9th Grade Center

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