Aguina, Arcy


Franklin High School 9th Grade Center

825 Redd Rd.
El Paso, TX


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Students were given the password in class

‚Äč  Astro

Welcome to an exciting year of biological discovery!  We will cover the scientific method, biochemistry, cells, DNA, genetics, evolution, classification, ecology, plants and body systems. Your student should be working on Biology every night—whether or not there is an assignment due—by studying, reading, reviewing and thinking about what we are discussing. Please help and encourage them to do so.

I maintain an independent website at; which will contain all of my PowerPoints, videos, worksheets, and other resources. The password was given to students in class. It will also have a calendar to track class activities. Please view all class information postings, syllabus, and safety contract materials. 

Students will need access to a computer with internet access to do some of the biology assignments for Flipped Instruction. Where students will watch lectures at home and practice concepts in class. School computer labs are usually open before school, lunch, or after school. The public library also has computers available. The students should make arrangements to go the labs if computers are not available at home.


Arcy Aguina
Science Teacher
Franklin 9th Grade Center