Math is not a spectator activity - you need to participate in class and complete assignments in order to succeed. Class work/Homework will be assigned and collected the following purple or silver day (No Late Work Will Be Accepted). There will be time allotted in class to start this work and it is strongly suggested that the student make the best of this situation, since the teacher will be there to help.

Exams will be given at the end of each chapter. These exams can be of any question type: open ended multiple choice, matching, fill in the blank, short answer, true or false, or any combination thereof. Standard testing procedures will be followed on test days. If there are any questions about the test, the student should ask me and not call out or yell out anything about the test. Talking, note passing, note reading, looking around, etc could easily be misinterpreted, which could result in a failing grade.

A heading and title are required for all assignments. An example will be posted in class for the first two weeks. Students who turn in papers without heading/title will be penalized 25 points.

Answer Sheet:
An answer sheet is required for all assignments/tests/assessments etc. Answer sheets must have the proper heading and title. No answer sheet, no grade.

Effects of Absences on Grades:
Please see Student Handbook