Quijano, Claudia

Hello My Name Is...

Claudia Quijano

About Me

Grade averages are calculated based on the following percentages:
Major Assessments - 50%
Quizzes - 30%
             Assignments 20%                 

Please feel free to contact me at any time. My email address is ctquijan@episd.org or you can call the school at 832-6600 to schedule an appointment. My conference periods are 2nd and 5th.

Also, edmodo.com allows you as a parent to view the the account associated with the group your child is a member of. If you would like to more closely monitor assignments and posts please subscribe to the parent feed. You can do so by going to edmodo.com and joining as a parent.You will be asked for some basic information including a number that is found in your child's account. Another option is to sign up for notifications. You will receive notifications each time an assignment is made. If you would like assistance with joining as a parent, the following link provides information/instructions on what steps to take.https://support.edmodo.com/home#forums/208887...