Lopez, Marcos

Mr. Lopez                                                           

Room W209       

Math Department                           

Franklin High School

A)  Note from the Instructor

Welcome to my classroom. I will lead a respectful, educational and challenging classroom. To achieve this I have established a few simple policies. As a student, it is your responsibility to comply with these policies. If you decide not to comply, there will be logical consequences. By enforcing these policies, I promise to you fairness and order in our classroom.

B)  Class Rules

#1. Be Respectful- Students will exhibit courtesy and respect toward the teacher and all other students at all times. When someone is speaking, you will not talk. Do not use profanity or obscene language. Hateful comments of any type will not be tolerated; this applies to serious as well as "joking" comments.

#2. No Food or Drink- Students may not eat or drink in the classroom. 

#3. NO Electronic Devices- Includes cell phones, mp3 players, i-pods, i-pads, earphones, headphones and gaming devices. These devices may not be used during the school day. The devices will be confiscated and turned in to the administration. School issued laptops will only be used when directed by the teacher.

C)  If YOU CHOOSE to Break a Rule:
Consequences will always fit the crime. Of course there are behaviors that will warrant a referral immediately. Examples of this include insubordination, repeated rule violations or violent behavior. Behaviors that are less severe, but in violation of
the basic rules of the class will be dealt with in the manner described below.

1st Incident – Verbal Warning
2nd Incident – Teacher Parent Conference
3rd Incident -- Discipline Referral

D)  Attendance and Tardies
Students will be marked absent if they are late 30 minutes or more. When a student is absent, he/she is responsible for the assignments that were missed. It is up to the student to inquire about missed work and/or tests. A student will be marked tardy if they are not in the room by the time the bell rings. After three tardies, the student will be assigned to Saturday school. Additionally, excessive tardiness will result in a referral.

E)  Academic Honesty
It is expected that students will use genuine, sincere, and fair means for the accomplishment of the tests, assignments or projects from which evaluations of progress shall be determined. Students found copying or cheating in any way, or in collusion to do so, will receive zeros. In addition, a disciplinary referral may be issued.

 F)  Grading Policy

Final grades will be calculated as follows:

Tests                                                  50%

Quizzes                                           30%
Warm-Up/Classwork/Homework   20%

Late Work

All assignments must be turned-in by the due date for full credit. Twenty points will be deducted for each day an assignment is turned in late. Students with excused absences will be given the opportunity to earn full credit.

Failed Tests, Quizzes and Assignments

Students will be allowed to re-take, one time, a failed test, quiz or assignment. However, the highest possible grade on all re-takes is a 70. It is the student's responsibility to request and schedule the re-take. 

G)  Calculators/Clickers
You will be assigned a calculator and a clicker. You are responsible for their care. If you find anything wrong with your calculator or clicker please report it before the start of the class. Pick up your assigned calculator when you walk in to class. At the end of class return the calculator to the appropriate location.

H)  Bathroom Breaks
Only one student at a time will be allowed to use the bathroom. No bathroom breaks will be allowed in the first thirty minutes of class. The student must fill out the hall pass log and take the hall pass whenever leaving the classroom.

My conference times are 10:20AM - 12:00PM.
Please contact me if you need to schedule a conference.