Grodin, Leslie


Welcome to Mrs. Grodin's website!  Here is a summary of my rules and grading policy:

Dear Parents/Guardians,
Your child is in my math class this school year.  The supplies needed for a successful year are paper, pencil, laptop, three ring binder, and graphing calculator.  (A calculator will be provided if a student does not have one.)  If a student is absent the day of a test, the test will be taken upon returning to class.  The lesson missed will be the students responsibility to learn.

Guidelines for class:
 1.   No late work is accepted.  
 2.   No extra credit is given, except for extra credit problems on a graded paper.
 3.   District policy allows one day for each day absent in order to make up work.
 4.   I do NOT make up  quizzes when a student is absent. The next major test will fill
       in for the quiz provided the absence is excused.
 5. All work must be shown, or no credit will be given.
 6.  Homework will be graded.
 7.  Students may use a  graphing calculator upon my discretion.
 8.   Discipline: Verbal  Warning, Student/Teacher conference, Parent/Teacher Conference, Referral
 9.  Grades are averaged according to the following percentages:
Pre-AP Grading Scale
Major Assessments: 60% 

Regular Grading Scale
Major Assessments: 50%  
**Students may redo any graded assignment for a highest grade of a 70 within a week of the original assigned work.
Conferences can be done through e-mail or scheduled by the office staff. 
My school e-mail is:

Tutoring hours are from 8:15am-8:38 am Monday through Friday and from 3:50pm-4:15pm Monday through Thursday in room E255 and with any other math teacher.

Thank you in advance for
your cooperation this school year,   Leslie Grodin