Dockstader, Kathleen

Hello My Name Is...

Kathleen Dockstader
PAP PreCalculus
Major Assessments: 50% Quizzes: 30% Assignments: 20%
Algebra 2
Major Assessments: 50%  Assignments: 50%

Three exams will be taken during each nine weeks. Remember this is the most weighted score. Prior to an exam, students will be told what material will be included on the test. It is the student’s responsibility to ask questions if he/she doesn’t understand the material. No questions regarding the material will be answered during the exam. If the student is absent for the exam, he/she will be responsible to let me know so a make-up exam date can be arranged. Failure to follow through will result in a zero for that exam. Only excused absences will be given the opportunity to make up an exam.

It is my belief that without practice, success in all Math Levels is not possible. Therefore, we will be doing as much practice in class as possible. Work that it is not finished during class time will be due the next day at the beginning of the class.
If a student fails to do his/her homework he/she will receive a zero.
Assignments that are messy, illegible or poorly organized will not receive credit. Show all work – answers alone, unless appropriate, are not acceptable.Homework will be checked during class and students will have an opportunity to ask questions and address any other concerns.

Attendance in class is VERY important!!!
Parents should notify the attendance office (236-2200) each day the student is absent. Students not excused from school by parent/guardian will be considered truant. Work missed because of truancy may not be completed for credit. When absent from class it is the student's responsibility to obtain assignments, notes, and to schedule a make-up test. Make-up work is due at the rate of one assignment per day along with the regular assignment.   APPROVED ACTIVITY ABSENCES- Excused student activities are scheduled in advance, therefore it will be the student's responsibility to turn in assignments and make-up tests. A student should inform the teacher before the absence to make the necessary arrangements. 

Tests can only be made up if the absence is excused.
Arrangements must be made the first day back to school for the make-up.
Homework that was due on the first day of your absence is due the first day you are back.

 Monday through Friday
 8.15 am - 8:45 am
3:50-4:15 pm



3 Ring Binder
Sketchbook for Notes
TI-84 Calculator
Colored Pen(s) 
Clear White or Colored Computer Paper for homework
(no lined paper)