Lee, Cathy
English II

Conference Periods: 4th and 8th  

Email: clfalk@episd.org


Students will demonstrate the ability to identify and analyze the elements of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and argumentation employed specifically in various Literature, to write effectively for many different purposes by experimenting with various drafting and revision techniques such as using several genres, voices, points of view, sentence structures, word usages, and styles, to write well about literature with concern, not only for content, but also with grammar styles and structure and to determine universal meaning in literary works.


Grades and Evaluation

Major grades = 50% (exams, projects, presentations, essays, research paper, etc.)

Quiz grades = 30% (reading quizzes, vocabulary quizzes)

Minor grades = 20% (short writing assignments, vocabulary work, grammar work, literature circles)



 Students will read, study, and analyze a variety of poetry, short stories, essays, arguments, and excerpts as well as   A Separate Peace, To Kill a Mockingbird, Animal Farm and Julius Caesar.


  1. One three-subject spiral notebook (college ruled)
  2. Your laptop computer

General Rules:           1. Listen and pay attention when the teacher is talking; raise your hand.

                                    2. Respect your peers: keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself, no cursing or                                             teasing.

                                    3. Bring your fully charged laptop to class everyday.

                                    4. Stay in assigned seat unless you have permission to do otherwise.

                                    5. Be in your seat when the bell rings and begin Warm-up activity immediately.

                                    6. Do not use cell phones or other media devices during class time unless                                                   instructed to use them by the teacher.


Absence Procedures

  1. Check “While You Were Out” notebook
  2. Students have one day for each EXCUSED absence to turn in work or make up a test taken on the day of the absence.
  3.  All major projects and essays must be turned in by the day that it is due.  If you are unable to attend class that day, make sure a parent brings the assignment to school for you. 

Dishonesty Policy 

  1. Any student caught copying on any assignment will result in a zero on that assignment for the first offense for all students involved.
  2. A second offense will result in a referral to the principal and a conference with the parent.

Bathroom Policy

  1. Each student will be given two bathroom passes per nine weeks (use them wisely).
  2. Each student must have his own English notebook and a bathroom pass in order to use the bathroom pass.
  3. Once the student uses the two passes, he/she no longer has bathroom privileges for that grading period.
  4. If hall passes are not used, extra points may be awarded at the end of the semester.