Student Academic Action Plan for Success

                                               FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL





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Step 1: Identify the obstacles you encountered last grading period.

In reviewing your academic performance, what prevented you from receiving passing grades? Check all that apply and circle the top 3 obstacles that impacted your academic grades.




Ineffective study skills

Health problems

Time management skills

Difficulty waking up early

Unprepared for exams

Staying up too late

Hard to concentrate/daydreaming

Difficulty sleeping at night

Difficult classes/not prepared

Pressure, stress, anxiety or tension

Conflict with teacher

Excessive time spent online

Unable to understand course content or find important information

Too much time commitments to other activities (work, sports, clubs)

Lack of effort in class

Did not attend tutoring as advised by teacher


Step 2: Generate potential solutions for overcoming the obstacles you listed.  Use the matrix below to list the obstacles you faced last semester and three potential solutions for each obstacle.



Solution #1

Solution #2

Solution #3









Possible Solutions

I will meet with my teacher to develop a plan for success

I will make better choices regarding my health, sleeping and eating habits

I will develop a time management plan that works for me

I will make better choices regarding my use of free time, for example: online gaming and social networking, etc.

I will attend all of my classes

I will ask my teacher for help if I am having difficulty in a course

I will go to class prepared

I will focus in class

I will set a study schedule for each class and follow it

Time management plan to include studying and reduce number or other activities

I will study in a place that allows me to get my work done

I will attend tutoring sessions


Step 3: Commit to workable and achievable solutions. Using the matrix below, list the three solutions you are willing to try, how these solutions may help you, and the sacrifices you will need to make to achieve your goals.



How will this solution help me?

What will this solution require of me in terms of time and effort?









Step 4: Develop your plan of action!

Write your most important goal down below. Using the solutions you generated, list the steps you will take to reach your goal and the date by which you will complete those steps. Use the SMART formula for achieving your goal.


S - Specific: Make your goal as specific as possible (Example: I will have a passing grade in Math)


M - Measureable: Be sure that your goal is measurable (Example: I will track my grades using student portal).


A - Attainable: Set goals that you can achieve (Example: I will attend tutoring when I am having difficulty.)


R - Realistic: Set goals that are realistic (Example: I can realistically pass Math if I study).


T - Timely: Establish a timeline for reaching your goal (Example: I can achieve my goal by the end of the ____ 9 weeks).


My TOP Goal: ______________________________________________________________


The steps I will take to reach this goal:

1. ___________________________________         by__________________________


2. ___________________________________         by__________________________


3. ___________________________________         by__________________________



What my teacher will do to help me reach these goals (to be completed by teacher):                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


This action plan will be revisited on or before _________________________.


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