Speech Outline and grading rubric


Speech Outline

I.    Introduction (Tell them what you are going to tell them)
      a.  attention getter (quote, rhetorical question, story, alarming statement)
      b.  thesis statement (what is the purpose of your speech?)
      c.  preview (coming attractions, what are you covering in the body of your speech?)
II.  Body (Tell them)
      a.  1st point
      b.  2nd point
      c.  3rd point
III.  Conclusion (Tell them what you told them)
      a.  review (what were the points you covered?)
      b.  restate thesis (what was the main idea/purpose?)
      c.  final statement (link back to attention getter to unify the speech)

Rubric for Grading Speeches

Projection-10 points
Eye Contact-10 points
Content-10 points
Posture-10 points
Preparation-10 points
Outline-10 points
Use of Notes-10 points
Articulation-10 points
Grammar-10 points
Delivery-10 points