Class Rules

*Follow all school and district rules.

*You are responsible for yourself and to each other.  Be respectful to your peers and the class environment.

*Assignments are to be turned in or performed on time.  The school policy regarding "redos" of assignments only applies to assignments that were originally done, must be initiated by the student, and must be redone within a week of the grade being posted.  It can be a different assignment/test, if the teacher chooses to do so.  Assignments that were given a "0" because of academic dishonesty may not be "redone."

*No food or drinks in the classroom.  Do NOT perform with gum in your mouth.

*All items needed for class are your responsibility.  Forgetting them is not an excuse for late work or performances.

*You are responsible for cleaning up after yourself.

*Guests are welcome to watch or assist your performances but you must have the appropriate permissions.

*Exchange phone numbers, email addresses, etc. with classmates.  Check the assignment calendar for makeup work if your absence was excused. Making up your work is YOUR responsibility.

*Supplies are to be brought every day.  This includes textbook/laptop, paper,pens/pencils, and any other materials you need for the day's assignments.  You will NOT be allowed to go to your locker, car, another classroom, etc. to get them.  If you do not bring your book, you will not get credit for the day's assignment.  NO BOOK SHARING.

*Always choose material that is appropriate for a class presentation.  Some good guidelines to follow are:
            Can I do or say this if an administrator is present in the room?
            If my parent (or grandparents) were present, would I do or say this?
            Can I do or say this without embarrassing or offending myself or others?

*Tutoring or extra help is available by appointment before school, during lunch,or after school.  Make sure I know you are planning on coming in.