Reza, Jaime Reuben- Choir/Piano Instructor


Instructor: J. Reuben Reza
900 N. Resler Dr.
El Paso, Tx 79912

Conference Times: 6th Period 10:23-11:57 Silver Days

B.M in Vocal Performance from Arizona State University in 1984, M.M. in Vocal Performance, Opera/Musical Theater in 1986. Mr. Reza has performed for The Nacogdoches Opera, Arizona Lyric Opera, Opera Pacifica,The El Paso Opera., MTEP, UTEP Dinner Theater, The Gilbert and Sullivan Festival, and was a featured singer at The Alpine Music Festival in Axams, Austria. He also has taught Tap and jazz Dance for 16 years. Most recently has been a Director, Choreographer and Music Director for the EPISD Summer Musical Program for 16 years.

Personal Message
The goal of the Franklin  High School Choir and Beginning Piano Program is to offer quality music instruction. This instruction includes group peformance opportunities, as well as meeting the musical needs of individual students. The Choir/Piano music program intends to continually grow and strive for the highest ideals in high school music education. As a member of the Franklin Choir/Piano program. you are committing yourself to a music program that is dedicated to establishing traditions of outstanding musicianship and school pride. The success of this music program will depend on the loyalty, cooperation, and dedication of each and every member.