Coster, Cara

Room: A 124 (Main Campus)
            9th Grade Center-Front office area

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00-4:30

Phone: 915.236.2413

Biography: Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Minnesota-Duluth

Personal Message:
My name is Cara Coster. In 1990, after college graduation, I moved to El Paso to pursue my dream job; teaching. For 16 years I enjoyed touching young lives in the classroom. In 2006 I had the privilege of joining the Cougar family as Franklin's At Risk Coordinator. In 2016 the title of my job changed to Graduation Coach. I have offices on both the Main Campus and at the 9th Grade Center. I love my job, and feel blessed every day to have the opportunity to work with the amazing young people here at Franklin High School.

My favorite quote:
The Best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.
-M. Ghandi

‚ÄčVision: We will treat, serve, and respect all students solely by name and individual need.

Purpose: Graduation coaches work with students and families to identify and remove barriers that may impede student achievement.

· Provide support to students who would like to return to school.

· Working with individual students on academic concerns

· Identifying resources for pregnant and parenting pupils

· Identifying resources for homeless students

· Providing academic support including mentoring and tutoring information

· Connect families and students to community resources