GO CENTER and College Readiness

            Welcome to the GO CENTER
   Richard Couder is working from 8-4:15 every day to help Seniors
   with college applications, scholarships and financial aid, and
   career information. Students and parents can stop by without 
   an appointment.

All college visits are listed on the Guidance Calendar. Check out the Ivy League universities who are coming to FHS.

Enjoy your Senior Year!

1. Remember that colleges are watching your GPA along with the strength of your schedule, leadership positions, school activities, and employment. 
2. We recommend you apply for the colleges of your choice before Nov. 15. Use the ApplyTexas and the CommonApp links to help you. If your colleges are not listed, check their own websites.
3. Do your best on the SAT at Franklin on October 14 and make sure to send in your scores through CollegeBoard.
4. Be sure to give your teachers, counselor, or other references at least 2 weeks to recommend you. Complete the Recommendation Form for their use.
5. Apply for federal aid with FAFSA.gov.
6. Apply for scholarships and turn your offers in to your counselor.