Credits, GPA and Class Rank

Units Earned                                         Classification

0 –6                                                          Grade 9
6.5 –12 credits                                           Grade 10
12.5 –18                                                    Grade 11
18.5–26                                                     Grade 12

GPA and Class Rank
At Franklin, the GPA (grade point average) is calculated at the end of each semester, in August and late January. Senior GPA's are set in early June for to verify graduation. Students are welcome to stop by the Registrar's office before school, during lunch, or after school to complete a GPA Request Form to retrieve averages and class rank. Please wait until after Labor Day for beginning of the year requests. Senior Top 10% is finalized after the third grading period and posted at the Registrar's window. Top 2% is finalized on graduation day.

Credit for AP, PreAP, and Dual Credit Classes

*EPISD changed the manner in which students are given credit for advanced classes. The Classes of 2017-2019 use the attached Grade Conversion Chart .

*Seniors, Class of 2016, add 10 points for AP and Dual Credit courses and 8 points for PreAP courses and they are calculated into the GPA and Class Rank. These points are not visible in the individual final grades.