Credit Recovery-Credit Averaging, Odyssey, CCTA, Summer School

District Policy EI (Local) states:
When determining the awarding of credits for year-long courses (for example: English 1A/English 1B) taken within the same academic school year, credit shall be awarded for both parts of the course if a student scores between 60 and 69 in either the first semester or the second semester of the course, and the average of the grades for the first semester and the second semester is 70 or higher. All such averaging must occur by the end of June of the school year in which the course was taken. Parts of courses not taken during the same academic school year, including summer school courses, shall not be subject to this averaging procedure. Such averaging shall not be offered for students taking dual credit, Pre-Advanced Placement, or Advanced such averaging shall also not be offered for students who enroll in these courses and then subsequently withdraw from these courses to enroll in standard courses during the same school year.

Odyssey courses are self paced and computer-based, offered at Franklin to help students recover lost credit. Students must check which classes are available, and register with their counselors at the very beginning of each semester. They are held from 4-5pm, Mon-Thurs  on the main Franklin campus.  Attendance is mandatory. Seniors are given priority


"College, Career and Technology Academy (CCTA) is the EPISD’s newest Alternative School of Choice.  Its’ mission is to serve students aged 17 to 26, who, by virtue of life’s circumstances, are off cohort to graduate on time, have previously dropped out, are pregnant or parenting teens and /or would benefit  from a non-traditional high school setting." (EPISD CCTA Info Sheet)

Franklin students often recover credit for one or two failed courses per semester in the evenings using CCTA. These classes may be held at Sunland Park Mall or on the CCTA campus and are Odyssey (or computer based) courses. See your counselor for information and forms necessary for enrollment.

Students who attend CCTA during the regular school day become CCTA students (and are no longer Franklin students.)

Generally, EPISD offers summer school each year for high school students to recover credit. In 2015, the summer school was June 15-July 9 at Franklin. The morning class was 7:45-11:30 and the afternoon class was 12:00-3:45. Students were able to retake core classes and EOC intervention  classes. EPISD holds a district-wide graduation for seniors who finish their credits in summer school.

Every year district summer calendars, locations, and course offerings change. For more information, see your counselor in April or May when you hear announcements.