Advanced Academics-AP, Dual Credit

PreAP and Advanced Placement Courses

"Able, interested students are given opportunities to do college level learning and achievement through Advance Placement (AP) courses and examinations. The AP curriculum is tailored to topics and skills needed to pass the AP examinations which are given each year in May. A college level textbook and a specified AP curriculum are used. Many colleges and universities grant college credit and/or grades to students who successfully pass AP exams. (quote from EPISD Guidance Dept.) Pre-AP courses are challenging and prepare students for AP courses.

Please refer to GPA and Class Rank page for information on additional credit for AP and PreAP classes.

NEW: A student enrolled in a Pre-AP or AP course that chooses to drop this course must do so by Friday of the week that 6 week progress reports are distributed. No Pre-AP or AP drops after this date will be allowed. Tentative Deadline Dates: October 9 and February 19

Dual Credit Program

"Beginning with the 2002-2003 school year, the Board of Trustees approved the Dual Credit Program. It is a partnership between El Paso Independent School district high schools and El Paso Community College in which students take the joint College/High School credit class and earn both high school and college credit approval and is contingent upon the availability of an instructor." (EPISD Policy)

Students at Franklin who expressed interest in enrolling in Dual Credit courses for the 2015-16 school year and showed commensurate grades, were measured for college readiness. The TSI test was administered by EPCC in the Spring, and those who demonstrated readiness are enrolled. The following courses are offered in Franklin's dual Credit Program during the 2015-16 school year: English 3, US History, English 4, English 4 British Literature.

Every Dual Credit student is registered at both Franklin and EPCC. If he/she withdraws from FHS or moves, it is the student's responsibility to also drop the EPCC course. FAILING TO FORMALLY WITHDRAW FROM A DUAL CREDIT COURSE MAY VERY LIKELY AFFECT FUTURE COLLEGE FINANCIAL AID.

Distinguished Achievement Program (DAP)

DAP Candidates are honored at Franklin graduation with a special cord to wear on their gown and their names are marked with a star on the program. To be considered a DAP candidate students must have completed at least 3 years of a foreign language and 4 Advanced Measures. Each semester completed in a Dual Credit course and each AP exam taken is considered an advanced measure. If the Advanced Measures are completed (Dual Credit semesters or AP scores received, the student is a DAP graduate.