Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Information

Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Information
Posted on 01/12/2017

Dear Franklin Parents:

This letter is to inform you that Franklin High School will be offering junior and senior students the opportunity to take the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) test on campus on March 20th-March 27th. The TSI tests a student’s college readiness in the areas of math, reading, and writing. Texas law requires that unless exempt, all students who are entering a Texas college or university must take a TSI exam and receive a passing score in order to enroll in credit bearing courses. Many universities and colleges charge a fee for taking the TSI on their campus, however, the exam offered at Franklin will be free of charge to our students.

This is a wonderful opportunity for graduating seniors who plan to attend a Texas university or college and have not previously taken or passed the TSI to complete one of their requirements for registration. Juniors are also highly encouraged to take advantage of taking TSI now in order to gauge their college readiness. Students may take the TSI as many times as necessary to pass it, BUT the exam will be offered only once at Franklin. Below, you will find the steps students must take prior to being able to take the TSI as well as what exemptions exist for not having to take the exam. There will also be a TSI Parent Night January 18th in the library from 5pm to 6pm.


Steps Needed Prior to Taking TSI

  1. If not already done so, students must independently complete online Apply Texas application (applytexas.org) for El Paso Community College (EPCC). Students are NOT required to attend EPCC, but rather we are ONLY working in conjunction with them in order to obtain the ID numbers needed for taking TSI.
  2. It will take a minimum of 4 weeks to generate ID number once application is complete.
  3. Register for TSI exam at Franklin Go Center (S133) by 4:15 on February 3rd. No late registrations will be accepted.
  4. Once an ID number has been generated, students MUST complete online the Pre-Assessment Activity (PAAM) prior to taking the TSI. The PAAM will be administered on campus the week of February 20th and students will be given specific date and time for their testing prior to that date.
  5. Students must show up from March 20th-27th to take the TSI exam at Franklin High School. Students will be provided the specific day and time they will be testing.  No TSI re-exams will be given on campus after this date.


Students Who Are Exempt from Taking TSI

  1. SAT score: Students will be exempted from the reading and writing portions of the TSI if they score a minimum of 480 on SAT Reading. Students must score a minimum of 530 on the math portion of the SAT to be exempt.
  2. ACT score: A minimum composite score of 23 with at least a 19 on math for an exemption in math AND/OR at least a 19 on English for an exemption in reading and writing.
  3. TAKS scores: A minimum score of 2200 on math for exemption in math AND/OR a minimum score of 2200 in English Language Arts AND a writing subsection of 3 for an exemption in reading and writing
  4. Dual Credit: If a student has successfully completed and obtained a grade of 75 or above in a Dual Credit class, they are exempt ONLY from taking the portion of the TSI that relates to the subject they passed.


All students interested in taking the TSI on campus MUST sign up with the College Readiness Advisor, Mr. Richard Couder, in the Go Center, room S133 by 4:15pm on February 3rd. Students or parents who require more information or have any questions are encouraged to visit their counselor or Mr. Couder in the Go Center (S133).